Cockrell Family
Document written by F. N. Cockrell, Jr.

May 22, 1915

This 40 page document in August 1976 was at the Kentucky State Historical Library in Frankfort Kentucky. It was  found  in a folder of Cockrell Genealogy.

Many facts in the F. N. Cockrell, Jr. manuscript are not documented very well and may not be true. It is a valuable guide to genealogy history of Cockrells in American and should be preserved.

In the earlier records relating to memoirs of this family the name is found spelt in almost every conceivable way, as follows:
Cochral, Cochrell,
Cockarell, Cockarill.Cockarille,
Cockerall.Cockerel, Cockerell, Cockeril, Cockerill,
Cockrael, Cockral,
Cockrel, Cockrell,
Cockril, Cockril, Cockrile, Cockrill,
Cotrall, Cotrell, Cotril.Cotrill,
Cotterall, Cotterell, Cotterill, Cottrall, Cottrel, Cottrell, Cottril, Cottrill.

During the past century the spelling of the name became more or less fixed among the different branches of the family, and at the present time the name is found spelt as follows:

Cockerell, Cockerill, Cockerille, Cockrell, Cockrill, Cottrell.

Names of similar spelling to the above are found in different parts of this country, but I am not positive that they are this same branch.
In the Northumberland Co. Va., the seat of one of the parent branches of the family, the name is spelt "Cockrell", and a majority of the branches of the family throughout the country spell the name this way; but that is purely a matter of choice.
The tradition has been handed down in several branches of the family that the progenitors of the Cockrell family in America were two brothers who emigrated from England to Maryland with the first Lord Baltimore expedition in 1634 or shortly thereafter, that one of the brothers remained in Maryland and the other moved to Virginia. Although no record has been found to positively prove this, such records as have been available tend to substantiate it, and therefore until evidence is found to the contrary it will be assumed that this tradition is true.
The only Maryland records which have been available are the Archives of Maryland, Maryland Calendar of Wills and U.S. Census of 1790.
WALTER COTTRELL: (also spelt Cottrel, Cotterell) St. Maryís Co., 1638-50: mentioned a number of times in the Archives during this period as a planter, tax payer and voter. He was doubtless one of the original emigrants and the ancestor of the later members of the family mentioned hereafter.
No record has been found of any one of the second generation in Maryland, and the following records from the Maryland Calendar of Wills are probably of the third generation:
Jno. Cockerell: Witness to a will, Ann Arundel Co., April 16, 1692.
John Cottrell: Beneficiary in a will, St. Maryís Co., July 4, 1693.
John Cockerill: Witness to a will, Talbot Co., Feb. 16, 1712.
Caleb Cockerel: Witness to a will, Kent Co., July 17, 1695.
Caleb & Eliza Cockerell: will of Walter Kerby of Kent Island, probated Feb. 4, 1702, provides that his estate shall go to his wife Eliza and children mentioned, and in event of death of his children without issue to go to children of Caleb and Eliza Cockerell: Exrs. wife Eliza and Caleb Cockerell. The terms of this will would indicate that Calebís wife Eliza was a daughter of Walter Kerby.
Eliza Cottrell: Witness to a will, Baltimore Co., April 8, 1813.
Amos Cottrell: beneficiary in a will, Dorchester Co., Dec. 25, 1708.
The following records from the Archives of Maryland are probably of the fifth and sixth generations:
Thomas Cottrell: vestryman, William and Mary Parish, Charles Co., Nov. 25, 1751.
Burford Cottrell: 2nd Lieut. Charles Co. Militia, 1776. (vol. 11, pp. 118 & 206)
The following entries are from the U.S. Census of 1790:
Males (16 & over) M.under 16 Females
Burford Cotterell: Charles Co. ----- 2 2 3
Benjamin Cotterell: " ----- 1 0 0
James Cotterell: " ----- 1 1 1
Thomas Cotterell: " ----- 2 4 3
Thos. Cotteral: Baltimore Co. ----- 1 5 2
William Cottril: Dorchester Co. ----- 2 1 7
Bradberry Corkrel: Talbot Co. ----- 1 1 2
John Corkrel: " ----- 2 2 2
As Charles Co. is directly across the Potomac River from the Virginia counties of Westmoreland, Prince William and Fairfax, where a number of the Virginia branches of the family lived, it is possible that those just named as living in Charles Co. in 1790 were from the Virginia branches, but no records are available bearing on this.
Northumberland Co.
The following information has been obtained from genealogical and historical publications, from members of the family still living in Northumberland Co. and from a search of the records of that county from about 1750. The 25 or 30 volumes of records prior to that date are not indexed and no attempt has yet been made to systematically search through them.
Andrew Cockrell served on a jury, Aug. 8, 1659.
He was doubtless of mature age at that time, probably not less than 30 years old, in which event the date of his birth would be prior to the date of the first Baltimore expedition in 1634. Hense the conclusion can be drawn that he was one of the two original emigrants, a brother of Walter Cottrell of Maryland, and that he was born approximately 1610.
John Cockrell: St. Stephenís Parish:
John b Nov. 22, 1669.
Eliza b Nov. 21, 1671.
Edward b Dec. 29, 1674.
Hannah b Feb. 20, 1680.
Richard b Dec. 3, 1683.
John was probably born about 1645 and was probably the son of Andrew the emigrant.
John Cockerill:
m Lucretia Neale, who was b Sept. 5, 1680 and was the dau. of Daniel Neale II (b 1642) and Elizabeth Holland.
This John was doubtless the one whose birth is given above as the son of John of St. Stephenís parish He probably settled in Westmoreland Co. and will be mentioned further under that county.
Richard Cockrell: St. Stephenís Parish:
son John b Sept. 23, 1715.
This Richard was doubtless the one whose birth is given above as the son of John of St. Stephenís Parish.
The will of Richard Cockrell of St. Stephenís Parish, dated April 18, 1760, proved April 12, 1762, bequeaths his property as follows:
dau Sarah Toysett: one shilling
son John Cockrell: remainder of estate and executor.
John Cockrell: (Andrew, John, Richard)
Will dated Sept. 18, 1777, proved Nov. 13, 1780 bequeaths his property as follows:
son John:
son Littleton: (land adjoining that of John Cockrell, orphan of Thomas Cockerell)
son Joshua:
dau Sally Morrison: one shilling
dau Nancy Nelms Cockrell
Exrs. son John and Wm. Haynie
John Cockrell: (Andrew, John, Richard, John)
living in St. Stephenís Parish, 1782: 5 in family.
guardian account for Nancy Nelms Cockrell, his sister, from Aug. 12, 1782 to Sept. 10, 1787.
possessed with his wifeís part of estate of Charles Haynie, Aug. 11, 1783, and
guardian account for Walter Haynie, orphan of Charles Haynie, from Sept. 13, 1784 to Sep 10, 1787.
was reputed the wealthiest man in eastern Va.
distribution of estate made Nov. 12, 1816.
m ____ Haynie; issue:
Peter P. d prior to 1818.
m. Sally C ____
m. Hiram Harding
Littleton Cockrell: (Andrew, John, Richard, John)
was a seaman in the Revolutionary War.
living in St. Stephenís Parish, 1782: 3 in family.
will dated July 25, 1812, proved May 10, 1813,
mentions wife and sons Leverr, John and Thomas in order named.
had 16 children by his two marriages. Note: L Fogarty -- seecomments on page 34
m 1st____ ; issue:
John: descendants living in Northumberland Co.
Thomas: d about 1852-6. m but no issue.
Effie: d unm.
possibly others.
m 2nd Mary Tracy, Aug 5, 1793. issue:
Lyttleton: b March 20, 1802: d 1876
m 1825 Mrs. Elizabeth Tignor Haynie
Have partial list of descendants who are living in Northumberland Co. and in Missouri.
Note: L Fogarty -- see list following the document ( page 34)
Robert: (youngest child): d soon after m, no issue.
Joshua Cockrell: (Andrew, John, Richard, John)
private Capt. Clough Sheltonís Co., 6th Va. Regt., 1782, Rev. War.
deed from Joshua and his wife Sarah, Jan. 31, 1788, to Thomas Barrett Betts: 55 acres in Cockrellís Neck inherited from his father John.
possessed with his wifeís part (one-third) of estate of William Gills, also with Lucy and Thomas Gillsí part of their fatherís estate, Jan. 1788.
will dated Feb. 27, 1812, proved Oct. 12, 1812.
m 1st Sarah Gills
issue: Richard: recíd 200 acres in Lancaster Co. in his fatherís will.
m 2nd Feb. 8, 1790, Milly Kent
issue Joshua Nelms: (not of age when his fatherís will was made)
m 3rd Feb. 13, 1797, Sally Sebree
issue Samuel:
Exrs. bro John Cockrell, son Richard Cockrell, wife Sarah Cockrell.
Thomas Cockrell: St. Stephenís Parish:
children Wilaby: baptized 1702
Presley " Dec 19, 1704
It is possible that this Thomas was a son of John and was born between the birth of Edward in 1674 and that of Hannah in 1680; but is (tis) more probable that he was the son of a brother of John.
No information is available as to whether Wilaby left any descendants.
The following information regarding Presley Cockrell and his descendants has been obtained from the records of Northumberland, Lancaster, Westminster and Richmond counties.
Presley Cockrell: (Andrew, ____, Thomas) of Northumberland Co.:
m Susannah Whaley, widow, Lancaster co., March 26, 1728.
brother of Elizabeth Butler, whose will dated Jan. 19, 1749 was proved in Westmoreland Co.,
March 27, 1750
m 2nd Sarah ____
son Presley b July 7, 1754, St. Stephenís Parish.
Other children as follows:
John b 1736
Peter b 1744
dau who m ____ Carlisle
probably another daughter who was massacred by Indians.
It is possible that the Presley whose son Presley was born in 1754 was not the same Presley who married Susannah Whaley in 1728, but in the absence of evidence to the contrary the assumption does not seem unreasonable - that the Presley who was married to Susannah Whaley in 1728 remarried and was the father of the Presley who was born in 1754.
The foregoing as to the brothers and sisters of Presley was stated in a letter written in 1870 by a Peter Cockrell of Hume, IL whose father James (then 66 years old) was the son of Edward. According to James his father Edward was one of four brothers as named above, all of whom were Revolutionary soldiers, and of whom Edward was the youngest.
The records of the War Department tend to substantiate this statement, except that Edward is recorded as having died in 1777, whereas James stated that his father Edward moved to Delaware Co., OH and died there about 1820. This could readily be a mistake in the records.
The following addition items probably refer to the Presley who was born in 1704:
Slave Daniel tried for felony, Lancaster Co., June 20, 1782.
Deed of gift of one negro boy to Elizabeth Tillery(Tillory), Oct 17, 1782.
Deceased: letters of administration granted to Daniel Muse, Lancaster Co., Feb. 20, 1783.
Inventory and Appraisement of estate, Sept. 18, 1783.
Presley Cockrell: (Andrew, ____, Thomas, Presley)
Private Capt. John Belfordís Co., 1st Va. Regt., Light Dragoons, 1778.
m 1st ____,
dau Molly b Feb 1, 1778 Richmond Co.
son Aston
m 2nd Sarah Sabree, widow, Northumberland Co., Feb 27, 1778
Deed of gift to Sarah his wife, all the estate of lands, negroes, stock, household and kitchen furniture he got by marrying her; dated March 8, 1799, recorded Northumberland Co. March 10, 1788.
Deed of gift to Sarah his wife, a tract of land and two negro men, Lancaster Co., May 9, 17-9.
Deed from Isaac and Elizabeth Taylor, March 7, 1789.
Deed from Presley and Sarah his wife to John Taylor, May 19, 1796
Deed from John Heath and Sally his wife, Oct. 7, 1798.
Deed from John Heath and Richard Shelden, Oct. 30, 1798.
m 2nd (3rd) Jane Morrison, spinster, Northumberland Co., May 14, 1798.
Deed from Presley and Jane his wife to Ephriditas Robinson, Jan 19, 1801, Lancaster Co.
Same to Elijah Perciful, Jan 27, 1801.
Same to Jno. Carter, Aug. 15, 1801.
Mortgage by Presley and Jane his wife, Dec. 21, 1801.
Witness fees, Nov 17, 1801.
Release to Presley and Jane his wife by John Carter and Gracey his wife, Feb 12, 1803.
Deed from Presley and Jane his wife to Richard Cundiff, March 30,1804.
Deed from Presley to Robert Carter, one negro woman and one black horse, May 20, 1806.
No information is available as to any children of Presley by any of his marriages, other than those hereinafter mentioned.
John Cockrell (Andrew, ____,Thomas, Presley)
Private Capt. Thos. Blackwellís Co.,10th Va. Regt., 1776.
10th Va.Regt. 1778-80.
Placed on pension roll, Sept. 23, 1819, living in Marion Co., KY, age 83 years. According to his nephew James, John was lame and lived for awhile in Maryland. No information on any descendants.
Peter Cockrell (Andrew, ____, Thomas, Presley)
Private, Capt Thom. Caskinís Co., 5th Va.Regt. 1776-8.
3rd Va. regt., 1778-9.
Placed on pension roll, April 18, 1819, living in Bourbon Co., KY, age 75 yrs.
Deed from Peter Cockrell of Berkely Co., Va, Atty. for Lucy Smither wid of John Smither of Northumberland Co., John Sherley and George Smiter, all of Berkely Co., Va; to Fortunatus Pitman of Northumberland Co., a tract of land in Northumberland Co., recorded Northumberland Co., Feb 9, 1799.
Living in St. Stephenís Parish, 1782; 3 in family.
According to his nephew James, Peter moved from Va. to Ohio with his brother Edward (father of James), and from there moved to KY.: was a man of considerable wealth. By his first wife, he had two sons, Isaac and Jesse, who remained with his first wifeís family.
A Peter B Cockrell moved from Bourborn Co., KY to Cooper Co., Mo and from there to St.Clair Co, Mo in 1847. He had a son H.P. Cockrell who was born in 1839 and was living until recently in St. Clair Co, Mo. It is not unlikely that this Peter B. Cockrell was a son of Peter.
No other information is available regarding Peter or his descendants, and the records of Bourbon Co., KY. have not been searched.
Edward Cockrell (Andrew, ____, Thomas, Presley)
Private Capt. Thos. Gaskinís Co., 5th Va. Regt., 1776-7;
name on roll, Aug 1776 to May 31, 1777, with remark - "Died Feb. 9, 1777"
According to his son James, Edward moved from Va. to Delaware Co., Ohio about 1805 and died there about 1815-20. He had four sons as follows:
Isaac, who remained in Va., and was drowned in the north branch of the Potomac River, leaving one son of whom nothing is known,
Peter, died at South Omaha, Ohio, in 1893, aged 84 years.
James, who accompanied their father to Ohio. James had six sons, five of whom lived in Ohio
No other information is at hand regarding Edward or his descendants.
Daniel Cockrell:
Inventory and appraisement of estate, dated April 13, 1752, recorded May 11, 1752 met at house of his widow Elizabeth.
It appears from the records that William and John, sons of Daniel, came into possession of their share of their fatherís estate on March 21st, 1757, which might indicate that they were twins and both attained their majority at that date. In this event their date of birth would be 1736, and would fix the date of their father Danielís birth at about 1705-15 and of the fourth generation.
A Daniel received his share of his fatherís estate Jan 15, 1771, and it is likely that he was a son of Daniel above and was born in 1750.
The estate of Elizabeth Cockrell, widow of Daniel was inventoried Feb 14, 1765.
William Cockrell (Andrew, ____,____, Daniel)
Came into possession of his share of his fatherís estate March 21, 1757, at which date he probably came of age.
Sold a negro boy to John Webb, Aug. 16, 1773.
Served in Northumberland Co. troops, Revolutionary War.
Living in St. Stephenís Parish, 1782; 8 in family.
Will dated June 19, 1782, proved Oct 11, 1784; leaves estate to his wife Mary, and on her death to go to his following children:
Jno.? (John)
John Cockrell: (Andrew, ____, ____, Daniel)
Came into possession of his share of his fatherís estate, March 21, 1757, at which time he probably came of age.
No other information is available which definitely relates to this John Cockrell.
Daniel Cockrell: (Andrew, ____, ____, Daniel)
Came into possession of his share of his fatherís estate, January 15, 1771, at which time he probably became of age.
It is here assumed that he was the son of Daniel, but this cannot be definitely determined from the present information.
Bill of sale to William Corbell, recorded March 11, 1771.
Thomas Cockrell: St. Stephenís Parish
Lease by Thomas and his wife Ann, dated July 25, 1759, recorded Feb 11, 1760 to Thomas Tolson and Ann his wife, 304 acres called "Cockrellís Neck" on Great Wicomico River, said land having been sold to Cockrell by Tolson.
Will dated Jan 8, 1760, proved May 12, 1760, inventory and appraisement of estate recorded Aug.11, 1760.
wife Ann
dau Elizabeth: to have two years schooling
son John: to have seven years schooling
sister Elizabeth Cockrell: bequested plantation called "Talles".
The account of Ephraim Williams, guardian of Elizabeth and John mentioned above is recorded at intervals from Aug. 9, 1762 to Aug 14, 1769.
Elizabeth Cockrell (sister of Thomas above mentioned)
Living in St. Stephenís Parish, 1782: 2 in family.
Will dated Sept 13, 1794; leaves to her dau Tilly Cockrell all her estate including the plantation she received from her brother Thomas; in event of death of Tilly without heir or will, said plantation to go to John Cockrell (probably a son of Thomas) and remainder of estate to be left in hands of said John for his son Thomas: Exrs. dau Tilly and "my trusty friend Jno. Cockrell."
It would appear that Elizabethís maiden name was Cockrell and also that she married a Cockrell, but there is no further available information concerning her.
John Cockrell (Andrew, ____, ____, ____, Thomas)
Mentioned in will of his father Thomas, dated Jan 8, 1760, in which he is left part of the estate and it is provided that he shall have seven years of schooling.
Account of Ephraim Williams guardian, recorded at intervals from Aug 9, 1762 to Aug 14, 1769, at which last named date or thereabouts it is probable that John came of age, which would fix the date of his birth at 1748.
Beneficiary (on reversion) in will of Elizabeth Cockrell mentioned above, which will also shows that John had a son Thomas.
No other information is available which definitely relates to this John Cockrell.
Thomas Cottrell: St. Stephenís Parish
It would appear that the spelling of the name to "Cottrell" was made by this branch of the family, probably to avoid confusion, as there were two of the name Thomas living at the same time, both of whose sons was named John and both of whom had a wife named Ann.
Guardian of Ellis Hudnall; estate delivered to Cottrell by deed dated March 13, 1758, recorded April 10, 1758.
Agreement to pay to Samuel Blackwell the sum of twenty pounds yearly for the use of his separated wife Ann Cottrell during her life; bond dated May 20, 1761, recorded J.... 1761.
Thomas Cottrell and Josheph Ball allot to Daniel Wilkins his wifeís estate in the hands of Elisha Betts, dated March 8, 1763.
Bond to Joseph Wildy, recorded Feb. 14, 1763.
Guardian to John Webb, orphan of William Webb; estate delivered to Cottrell by deed dated Dec. 12, 1763, recorded Feb 14. 1764, inventory dated March 12, 1771.
wife Ann: 20 pounds yearly
dau Sarah Downing and her husband William Downing
dau Ann
son John
From the wording of this will, it would appear that the daughter Sarah Downing did not have any children at that time. The date of her birth will be assumed about 1754-50, and that of her father Thomas about 1718-28, which would place him of the fifth generation.
The widow Ann was the guardian of the two minor children Ann and John; she reported on her guardianship of both children July 9, 1770, the estate was delivered to her Aug 7, 1770, and she again reported on her guardianship March 12, 1771. The estate was divided in 1775, at which time she was still the guardian of John.
Her slaves were divided between William Nelms and J Thomas Opie, Jan 9, 1781, subsequent to her decease.
The following items from the records of Northumberland and adjoining counties cannot be blended with any of the foregoing data from information now available:
Mary Cockerill: Westmoreland co.
wid of Luke Demenet, April 29, 1702
Timothy Cockrell: St. Stephenís Parish, Northumberland Co.
son Samuel L b May 9, 1747
John Cockrell: Richmond Co.
On roll of Capt. Henry Harrisonís Co, French & Indian Wars, July 13, 1756;
enlisted Oct 8, 1755, a planter of Richmond Co., born in Va.,age 30 years, height 5 ft 10 in.
Daniel Cottrill Lancaster Co.
Plaintiff in a suit, Dec 16, 1773
Thomas Cottrell Lancaster Co.
Living in 1783, 5 in family
William Cottrell Lancaster Co.
Deed by John Steptoe and his wife Elizabeth, Sept 19, 1792.
Witness fees, May 19, 1801
Plaintiff in a suit for trespass brought on behalf of Sally Cottrell, and infant under 21 years, Aug.21,1801.
John Cotterell Northhampton Co.
m Betty Fletcher, May 22, 1800
Jno Cockerill Lancaster Co.
Plaintiff in a suit, March 17, 1800.
John Cottrell St. Stephenís Parish, Northumberland Co
m Sarah Conway (dau of James Conway, who d 1778); they were evidently married at the time of the death of her father.
vestryman, St. Stephenís Parish, 1781.
living in 1782: 6 in family. Living in 1784: 7 in family.
Polly Cockerill Northumberland Co.
will dated March 24, 1796: leaves all her estate to her dau Lucy: if Lucy dies before the age of 18 then estate to be divided equally between Pollyís brother and sisters: Lucy to have one yearís schooling and to be sent to Pollyís sister Lukey Cuney as soon as possible after Pollyís death: John Cockerill to manage estate for Lucy: witnesses: Tilly Cockerill and Elizabeth Cockerill.
Samuel Cottrail
Settled on east side of Elk Creek, nearly opposite to Clarksburg. (now) W. Va: his house near Clarksburg attacked by Indians in the fall of 1779: his nephew, a little boy, being with him, both escaped.
This is possibly the Samuel son of Timothy, who was b at St. Stephenís Parish, Northumberland Co. May 19, 1747.
Andrew Cottrail
Living in same vicinity as Samuel, near Clarksburg, 1772.
Richard Cockell
Killed by Indians March 22, 1622, Good Friday, the day of the great Indian Massacre in Va.
It is unlikely that this Richard left any descendants.
Westmoreland Co.
John Cockrell
Deed from Robert Clifford, dated March 13, 1704, recorded July 26, 1704; 200 acres in Westmoreland Co
Deed from Wm. Lord and Henry Neale, recorded 1721; 50 acres in Cople Parish, Westmoreland Co.
It will be assumed that this John was identical with the John (son of John) b St. Stephenís Parish, Northumberland Co. Nov 22, 1669; m Lucretia Neale (b 1680, dau of Daniel Neale II (b 1642) and Elizabeth Holland): that he moved from Northumberland Co. to the adjoining county of Westmoreland soon after his marriage and that he had at least two sons, Thomas and John, mentioned hereafter. His purchase of land from Henry Neale (a Northumberland Co. family) strengthens the supposition that this John also came from Northumberland Co.; and, in addition, it is not very likely that there were two of the name John Cockrell at this early day.
Deed to son Thomas of Cople Parish, Westmoreland Co., dated 1734, the 50 acres which John purchased from Mr. Lord and Henry Neale and on which the said Thomas lives: consideration, natural love and affection and five shillings.
Thomas Cockerill: (Andrew, John, John)
Deed from his father John mentioned above, dated 1734, the 50 acres on which Thomas was then living.
Deed to John Sandford dated 1735, 50 acres in Cople Parish, it being a portion of a 1500 acre Patent granted to John Lord and Wm. Horton in 1667. From the fact that one of the sons of Thomas was named Sandford it is not unlikely that this John Sandford was the father-in-law of Thomas.
Deed to Edward Ransdell dated 1748, the 50 acres in Cople Parish, received by Thomas from his father John, excepting a piece of ground 20 feet square for a burying ground. This was the land on which Thomas lived, and this, in connection with the following entries, indicates that Thomas moved from Cople Parish about this time to that part of Fairfax Co which in 1757 was formed into Loudon Co.
One of the Commissioners to make a road, 1759, Loudon Co. Deed from W. Newton Fairfax co 1752.
One of four men appointed to allot to Catherine Lane her dower in the property of her deceased husband, Wm. Jett, Loudon Co., 1762.
Will dated Cameron Parish, Loudon Co., Jan 17, 1777, recorded Sept 7, 1777; leaves
son John )
dau Elizabeth Triplet) one shilling
dau Ann Ramy Hall ) one shilling
son Jeremiah ) remainder of estate to these four sons
Sanford )
Thomas )
Benjamin )
Several inferences can be drawn from the fact that John (probably the eldest son of Thomas) was disinherited in his fatherís will, and from the fact that nothing has been found in the records of Westmoreland, Prince William, Fairfax, Loudon, or Faquier counties relating definitely to this John. It is not unlikely that he moved in an early day down to south-west Virginia and was the father of Simon Cockrell of Russell Co., Va. Kentucky and Missouri and of John Cockrell of Va. and Davidson Co., Tenn. In this event it is probably that all trace of him was lost by his father and was merely mentioned in his fatherís will to avoid complications without his father knowing whether he was still living. This will be discussed more fully under the headings of Simon and John, the probable sons of John.
Jeremiah Cockerille: (Andrew, John, John, Thomas)
One of the executors of his fatherís estate 1777.
One of the appraisers of estate of Mrs. Anne Neale, wid of Christopher Neale, Loudon Co., 1782.
One of the appraisers of estate of Thos. Neale of Loudon & Fairfax Cos., Loudon co. 1789.
Will dated Fairfax Co., Oct. 6, 1807, codicil dated March 14, 1808; proved Sept. 20, 1808.
From descendants of Jeremiah the following information has been obtained:
m 1st prob 1754-6, ____ Linton
1. Nanny
m ____Turley. issue 3 sons.
2. Martha (Patty)
m Lancelot Loe;b "Mt. Vernon", Va. Jan 19, 1756; son of Col George Lee & Ann Fairfax
Martha was his 2nd wife
issue: 2 sons (neither left issue), 4 daus.
4. Hannah d unm
5 Kitty d unm
6 Samuel |
7 William |
8 Spencer | went west, two of them to Mo.
9 Thomas |
m 2nd Katherine Lewis
1. Elizabeth Tapley
m ____ Boyd
2. Eleanor:
m Simon Triplett issue: 1 son (no issue), 1 dau
3. Malinda:
m ____ Moffitt issue 2 sons, 4 dau
4. Susannah:
m Dr. ____ Lane issue 1 dau (d unm)
5. Catherine
m ____ Ferguson
6. Richard Henry:
m 1st 1812, Anne Lee (dau of Lancelot Lee by his 1st m)
1. Mary Catharine d without issue
2. Sallie Lee d unm
3. Richard Henry b July 10, 1817, d July 14, 1891
m Martha Lee (niece of his mother) issue: 1 son (d young), 4 daus.
m 2nd Jan 8, 1824, Anne Coleman (her will dated May 12, 1844, proved Feb 16, 1846)
1. James
m Anne H. Coleman issue: 3 sons, 4 daus
2. Americus
m Martha Skillman issue: 3 sons, 1 dau
3. Hannah Frances: b April 1, 1828, d Dec 31, 1893
m Charles B Tebbs issue: 1 son, 1 dau (d unm)
4. Samuel Johnson: b Sept 23, 1830, d Sept 9, 1902
m 1860 Hevelia Ruter Dufour issue: 8 sons, 8 daus
5. Seth: d Jan 1909
m Pauline Gregg issue: 5 sons, 1 dau
6. Lucy Ellen b Sept 15, 1834
7. Florida d 1872, unm
Sanford Cockerill (Andrew, John, John, Thomas)
One of the executors with his brother Jeremiah of estate of his father Thomas, 1777.
No information is at hand as to any of his descendants.
Thomas Cockerill: (Andrew, John, John, Thomas)
b. Oct 11, 1737 d Sept 1, 1815.
Appointed Constable for Loudon Co, May 8, 1780.
Inventory of estate recorded July 1818.
Deed from Joyce his widow dated Dec 2, 1818 to ____Daver.
m Dec 3, 1772, Joyce Lewis b June 11, 1750.
1. Martor b Jan 7, 1774, d Sept 8, 1825
The account of Mathilda Cockrell, admx. of his estate shows sums due the estate from John Brawner and Hatty Eskridge, both legatees, recorded Feb 16, 1829.
2. Jeremiah b Dec 5, 1775 d Oct 5, 1832
3. Susanna Barbour b May 9, 1778
4. Mathilda b Nov 1, 1781 d Shelbyville, Mo., Dec 1, 1855
5. Lucinda b March 13, 1784 d Oct 1854
m John Brawner
6. Hugh b Nov 16, 1786
7. Frances b April 16, 1790 d April 11, 1863
m Lewis F Mankin d Oct 15, 1863
issue: 1 son who had 7 or more children
8. William Lewis b June 20, 1794 d Feb 21, 1872
Benjamin Cockerille (Andrew, John, John, Thomas)
b 1747 d 1810
Lease from John Ashton, recorded Loudon Co., Book G, p 57, 200 acres for and during life of himself, Sarah his wife, and Benjamin Jr. his son.
m Sarah ____, her will dated Oct 2, 1822, recorded Fairfax Co, July 21, 1823, leaves all her estate to her dau. Sarah, except a feather bed to her dau. Rebecca Gantt and 25c to each of her other surviving children.
issue: Sarah probably d unm
Rebecca m ____ Gantt
Appraisement of estate ordered by Fairfax Co. Court, May 1845.
m Loudon Co., Jan 12, 1807, Mary Evans
Descendants living in Fairfax & Loudon Cos, but have no record of them.
Deed from Phillip Casper, Fairfax Co., June 14, 1821.
m 1799, Nancy Kitchen
issue: 1. John Kitchen b 1800, d 1888
m ____,issue 3 sons, 1 dau
2. Elizabeth b 1801, d 1872
m ____, issue 1 dau
3. Benjamin b 1803, d 1850
m ____, issue: 1 son
4. William Ward b 1806, d 1893
m ____, issue 5 sons, 3 daus
5. Joseph b 1808, d 1829
6. Mary b 1810, d 1829
7. Alexander b 1812, d 1893
m ____, issue 1 dau
8. Susan Malvena b 1814, d 1902
9. Margaret Ward b 1816, d 1908
m ____, issue 1 dau
10. Sarah Jane b 1820, d 1908
m ____, issue 1 dau
11. Henry Ward b 1818, d 1836
12. James Daniel b 1824
m ____, issue 2 sons, 2 daus
There were probably other children of Benjamin than those just mentioned, but no information is at hand concerning them.
John Cockrell (Andrew, John, John)
Son-in-law and exr. of John Longworthy, whose will dated June 22, 1724, proved Westmoreland Co,
June 1, 1727, mentions daus Anna, Frances, and Margaret.
Deed from Sampson Darrell of Truro Parish, Prince William Co. (afterwards Fairfax Co.), dated June 20, 1738 and recorded in Prince William Co., leased to Cockrell and others 200 acres of land.
Voter, Fairfax Co., 1744.
It will be assumed that the foregoing records and those given immediately hereafter all refer to the same John Cockrell and that he was the son of John of Northumberland and Westmoreland counties.
Deed to son Joseph dated June 22, 1751: 3 negroes.
Deed to son Elias dated Dec 21, 1752, recorded same day: all and singular his goods, chattels, lands &c.
Suit brought by Owens Williams for and on behalf of his son and dau Jeremiah and Jemina Williams against Joseph and Elias Cockrell for possession of two slaves claimed to have been given to said children by John Cockrell. Thos suit would indicate that these two children of Owen Williams were grandchildren of John Cockrell, and that their mother was (dau of John Cockrell) deceased at the time of the suit.
No other information is available which definitely relates to this John Cockrell.
Elias Cockerille: (Andrew, John, John, John)
Voter, Fairfax Co., 1748.
Gave bond with his brother Joseph dated Sept 28, 1752, to Owen Williams in re ownership of two slaves, as just mentioned under heading of John, the father of Elias and Joseph.
Deed from his father John dated Dec 21, 1752, recorded Oct 19, 1762, to Elias Cockrell and Robert Douglas: 100 acres of land: consideration, surrender of former lease.
d intestate, Loudon Co., 1812. Inventory and sale list 1812.
No information is at hand as to any descendants of Elias (See other side)
Joseph Cockrell (Andrew, John, John, John)
Deed from John Colvill dated Sept 16, 1746, recorded Fairfax Co same day, 120 acres to Joseph Cockerill during his life and to his wife Jane and their dau Ann.
Deed from his father John dated June 22, 1781: 3 negroes.
Voter, Fairfax Co., 1748.
Gave bond with his brother Elias, dated Sept 28, 1752, to Owen Williams. See record of Elias and of their father John.
Voter, Fairfax Co., July 16, 1765.
Will dated Jan 15, 1793, proved Fairfax Co., April 21, 1795.
(Exrs. sons Christopher and Joseph, and Marmaduke Lay)
issue: Ann, decíd
m ____ Deriss left issue
Sampson, decíd
m ____ Lay
issue: Marmaduke Cockrill
John probably married Ann Chilton: moved to Fayette Co., KY, Aug 1819-20.
Joseph Marmaduke.
Jane Bethetholim: will dated Aug 28, 1821, proved Fairfax Co., Jan 16, 1826
m ____
issue: Maria
m Thomas Simms
issue Mary Jenny
Sampson Cockerill (Andrew, John, John, John, Joseph)
Living in Fairfax Co, 1782, 4 in family
Living in Fairfax Co, 1785, 5 in family
Will dated Jan 18, 1791, proved Fairfax co, Feb 22, 1791.
wife Ann
dau Elizabeth
dau Sarah all children under 21 years of age
son John
dau Anne
Christopher Cockerill (Andrew, John, John, John, Joseph)
m Susannah ____
issue Joseph b June __ 1773 d about 1826, Mo. (Data below)
Sampson b June 30, 1775
Susannah b April 13, 1778
John b Nov 13, 1780 d about Sept 16, 1855, Christian Co, KY
Jean b June 15, 1783
James b Dec 13, 1785 Moved to Fayette Co, KY d about 1809
Benjamin b Jan 24, 1788
Margery b March 12, 1793
Starks b March 30, 1795 d May 10, 1862, TX
Inventory of estate dated March 11, 1796, recorded Loudon Co, Oct 10, 1796
Joseph Cockrill (Andrew, John, John, John, Joseph, Christopher)
Moved from Va. to Fayette Co., KY about 1797-1803; moved to MO about 1819 and settled in (now) Randolph Co, where he lived until his death about 1826.
m Nancy Lucas d Platte Co., MO 1853.
issue:1. Susannah b Aug 25, 1792.
2. Elizabeth b March 27, 1794 d 1857, Platte Co., MO.
m Leonard Bradley, issue 1 son
3. Daniel b 1796 d 1865, Adams Co., OH
Moved from Loudon Co, Va to Adams Co, Oh and settled near Youngsville about 1837. Member Ohio Legislature, 1848.
m ___ issue: 4 sons, 2 daus
among them, Joseph Randolph Cockerill, Member of Congress, 1856-8 and
Colonel, 70th Ohio Inf, Civil War, whose son John A Cockerill was editor of the New York World about 1895.
4. Catherine
5. Emily
6. Jane
7. Fielding b April 10, 1804 d Jan 28, 1852, Platte Co., MO
m Martha A Chapman
(Have list of a number of descendants living principally in PlatteCo., MO.)
8. ____
9. ____
10. Clinton b April 10, 1810 d April 17, 1897, Platte Co., MO
Was a prominent banker in northwest MO for many years.
m Mary E Coates
have a list of a number of descendants living principally in Platte Co., MO
11. Felix Grundy b Dec 27, 1811 d June 18, 1849, Platte Co, MO
m Elizabeth Oxley, no issue
John Cockrill (Andrew, John, John, John, Joseph,Christopher)
b Nov 13, 1780 d Christian Co, KY Sept 16, 1855
m Susan Boone, Logan Co., KY
issue: 3 sons, 2 daus of whose descendants a partial list is at hand.
Starks Cockrill (Andrew, John, John, John, Joseph,Christopher)
b March 30, 1795 d May 10, 1862, Texas
m 1st ____
1. Christopher b Feb 11, 1816
2. John W b Aug 7, 1820
3. Starks b Nov 3, 1823
4. Mary Ann b Aug 30, 1825
5. Susannah b July 6, 1827
6. Almeda b July 13, 1829
m 2nd Hannah ____ d 1853
1. Newton M b Nov 5, 1832
2. Alton M b Jan 26, 1834
3. Milton b Apr 20,1837
4. Bluford b March 31, 1839
5. Martha Ann b Feb 12, 1841
6. Edward Harrison b Apr 15, 1843
The record here given of the dates of birth of the children of Starks, of the first three children of his brother Joseph and the children of his father Christopher are taken from an old family bible in possession of one of the descendants of Starks in Texas.
In the same Bible the following record is given, but too badly defaced to be entirely legible.
Hennery Cockerill: son of ____ b May 6, 1794
There is no information at hand from which can be determined the names of the parents of this Henry.
Joseph Marmaduke Cockerill (Andrew, John, John, Joseph)
Will proved Loudon Co., Oct 8, 1804: estate sold by his administratrix, Jane, 1808.
dau Thelba: one-half of estate.
dau Frances one-fourth of estate
residue of estate to be divided among the rest of his children then living.
No other information is at hand as to the descendants of Joseph Marmaduke.
The following records from Fairfax and Loudon Counties cannot be definitely connected with any of the data heretofore given from information now available.
William Cottrill: Fairfax Co. Militia, 1756 and Sept 1758.
Jonathan Cockerill: deed dated April 10,1794, and recorded in Loudon Co., from Benj. King to Jonathan and his wife Mary, who was a daughter of King: 6 negroes.
John Cockerill: probably son of Sampson, see p 13.
m Tamar Combs, Loudon Co, Jan 1, 1805.
Lee Cockerille: m Delialah Hepburn, Loudon Co., Sept 25, 1807.
Robert Cockerille m Prudence Tally, Loudon Co., Dec 25, 1809.
George Cockerill: will dated April 30, 1814, proved Fairfax Co., March 20, 1815
probably son of Peter of Prince William Co. See p 16
James Cockrell: Power of Attorney given April 1812, Lexington, Fayette Co., KY, from Betsy Smith, wife of Joseph Smith and dau of John Starks, of Fayette Co, KY, formerly of Loudon Co., Va.; to go to Loudon Co., Va. and receive a negro girl left said Betsy Smith by will of her grandfather Thomas Marshall, and to bring said negro girl to her in Fayette Co., KY. probably son of Christopher, see p 13.
James Cockrill
Moved from Va. to KY. and from there to Platte Co., MO in 1856, where he died about 1858-9.
m Lucinda Sirls.
issue:1. William b May 15, 1831, Grayson Co, KY d 1879, Platte Co, MO
Was a Union Militiaman during Civil War
m Martha Jan Bratche, Nov 1855, no issue
2. Martin
m 1860 Paradise Stice, d June 1885
issue 3 sons, 3 daus, live in Platte Co, MO
3. Marshall
m Oct 7, 1859 Margaret Fugate
issue 3 sons, 4 daus, live in Platte Co, MO
4. Morgan lives in Melvery, Kansas
5. Anderson b 1860 d Aug 26, 1898
m 1st Elizabeth Staples
issue 1 son, 2 daus
m 2nd 1880, Rosella A Clemmings
issue 1 son, 1 dau
John Cockerill (Andrew, John, John, John, Joseph, John)
d Fayette Co., KY, 1809
m Catharine Nichols, Winchester, Clark Co, KY
issue: Thomas Nichols b Dec 5, 1806, Fayette Co, KY d June 3, 1862 Howard Co, MO
Moved from KY to Ray Co MO about 1826 and from there to Howard Co abt 1835-6.
m Emma Ann Donohue, Jan 27, 1831
issue: 8 children, of whom 2 sons left issue,
living principally in Nevada, Vernon co, MO
Elizabeth d Linneus, MO
m William Griffey, KY, moved to Boone Co., MO
John went to New Orleans about 1830-5 and was never heard from; supposed to have
died of yellow fever
The last two groups are given here because of the probability that they are of Loudon or Fairfax county origin, but there is no information at hand to definitely connect them with any of the earlier branches of the family.
Peter Cockrell: Prince William Co.
Will dated July 18, 1803, proved Prince William Co, Sept 5, 1803.
Was probably born about 1725-30 and of the fifth generation, but there is no available information other than his will. He named as executors his sons Elijah and Jesse of Manassas, Prince William co.
m 1st ____, no issue
m 2nd Frances ____
1. Jesse
m 1st Harried Wilcoxson
Harriet m Peyton Cockrell (son of Joshua: see below)
m 2nd ____
m 3rd ____
Elijah d in VA
issue (several)
m Feb 14, 1829, Harriet Cockrell, Portsmough O
issue Allen
Jesse (probably moved to Ellis Co, Kansas
John m Grace Elizabeth Wheelock, 1884
issue: 2 sons, 2 daus
2. John
3. Thomas
m Willy ____
4. George probably the George whose will probated Fairfax Co March 30, 1815 see p 15
m Catharine Wilcoxs.
5. Moses d Sept 22, 1828
m Sarah Johnson , June 11, 1807, b 1790
issue: Jesse d Obion Co, Tenn, Feb 28, 1863.
issue 3 sons, 3 daus,
including D D Cockrell of Batchtown IL, b Alexandria VA, 1836
Joseph Johnson
m Elmira Weedon Oct 16, 1845
issue: Josephine S. T.
m Charles F Brawner, Oct 28, 1873
Benjamin H.
Sarah m ____ Brawner
Hulda m ____ Weedon
6. Jeremiah
7. William
8. Sarah m ____ Daniel
9. Nancy
10. Eliza m ____ Jarvis
12. Tabitha
13. Mary m ____ Kohn
14. Peggy m ____ Reed
15. Elizabeth (See other side) probably moved to Cooper Co, MO
According to a tradition in this branch of the family, there were four brothers who settled near Dumfries, Prince William Co. It is possible that this related to four sons of John (Andrew, John, p.9 ) as follows:
Thomas, John, a third, the father of this Peter, and the fourth the father of Joseph, Westmoreland and Fauquier Cos. (p.17)
Joseph Cockrell (Andrew, John, John, ____)
Godson of John Barnett, whose will dated Feb 24, 1852, proved Westmoreland Co., April 30, 1754.
On roll of Capt. Henry Woodwardís Co., French and Indian wars, July 13, 1756; enlisted Oct 1755:
a planter of Westmoreland Co., b in VA, age 23 years, height 5 ft 4 in; also on roll of same company September 21, 1765. age 24 years.
m Fauquier Co, Jan 26, 1765, Elizabeth Boaden
Appraisement of estate recorded Fauquier Co., May 25, 1772.
It will be assumed that the foregoing records all relate to the same Joseph. No other information is available concerning him or any of his known descendants. As he was born in 1732, he was probably of the fifth generation.
The following entries from the Fauquier Co records cannot be satisfactorily merged with any other information from data now at hand:
Anderson Cockerell: (Andrew, John, John, ____,____)?
Will dated September 7th, 1781, proved Fauquier Co, Feb 27, 1792.
Exrs brother Jess Moffett and son William Cockrell
dau Rosanna m Feb 20, 1893 William Hudnell
son William d Fauquier Co, 1854-5
dau Sally not yet 19 years of age
possibly other children
Joseph C. Cockrell
m Sally Foley, Dec 21, 1827
Elizabeth Cockrell
m Carr Bailey, Jr., Feb 15, 1823
Frances Cockrell
m William Rector, Oct 1831
Mary Cockrill
m George Pearson, Dec 14, 1835
Jane Cockrill
m Reuben Francis, March 23, 1837
Hezekiah Cockrille
Appraisement of estate dated March 10, 1853, recorded March 29, 1853
Reuben Cockrell
Deed dated April 25, 1853, recorded May 14, 1853 to Abner Flowers.
Enoch Cockrell
Deed dated Jan 20, 1856, recorded same day: to John W. Burgess.
There is no doubt much information in addition to that given here to be gathered from Prince William and Fauquier counties, which would definitely establish the connection between the branches of the family living in these two counties and the parent family in Northumberland co or the Westmoreland branch; but at present there are several links which are missing; does not seem to be a single clue on which to form even a conjecture.
John Cockrell (Andrew, John, John, Thomas)
It will be assumed that John left his home in Westmoreland Co when a young man shortly after his marriage, and moved to the frontier of southwest Virginia
m 1st ___
issue: Susan (nothing further known)
Simon: b probably about 1746
His first wife died probably about 1749-50, and on his remarriage not long thereafter he moved away from the community in which he was then living, leaving his two children with neighbors. Consequently, Simon knew almost nothing of his father.
m 2nd Mrs Barbara (or Thebie) Fox Collingsworth, who was of the English Fox family and whose mother was an Allison. By her first husband, David Collingsworthh, she had two sons, Edmund and Simon.
issue: John: b Dec 19, 1757
John died not long after the birth of this child and his widow subsequently married her third husband, ____ Kelle, from which marriage there was no issue.
There is no information at hand to definitely determine the exact place or places of residence of John in southwest Virginia.
The assumption that the two children Simon and John had the same father is based on strong family tradition among Johnís descendants, and is partially confirmed by the fact that Simonís father did remarry after the death of Simonís mother.
The assumption that John, the father of these two half-brothers, came from the Westmoreland and Fairfax branch of the family is based on the following:
Logan Cockrell Bohannon (a great-grandson of Simon): b 1844, writes in 1913 that when a boy he spent much of his time with his great-uncle Jeremiah Cockrell (son of Simon), who related to him the following incidents of his boyhood:
Jeremiah (b about 1777) lived during most of his boyhood days with an aunt or great-aunt Eva (Elizabeth?) Cockrell, who was unmarried (or a widow) and who lived near some seaport town of eastern Virginia (Probably Alexandria). His aunt was quite wealthy, owning a large number of slaves (75?) and lived to be very old (115), and on her death freed all her slaves by will. Jeremiah would often go to George Washington water mill (evidently in Fairfax co) and there meet the other boys of the neighborhood, among them a cousin Dick Washington, who was also a cousin of General George Washington. Occasionally General Washington would come to the mill, and would stop and watch the boys wrestle.
The assumption that this John was the eldest son of Thomas of Fairfax co is strengthened by several circumstances: the strong probability amounting almost to a certainty that John of south-west Va. came originally from Fairfax co, the probable date of birth of John of southwest Va (1718-23) coincides with the probable date of birth of the eldest son of Thomas of Fairfax co, the absence of any records in Fairfax co or the adjoining counties of any other John not already accounted for who might have been the son of Thomas or Fairfax co, and the fact that Thomas in his will left his oldest son John only one shilling. At that time it was the custom to leave the oldest son the larger part of oneís estate, and for this (?-le?) disinheritance of the oldest son only two probabilities present themselves as reasonable:
1. A serious disagreement between father and son, both of them living in the same community. This is unlikely because of the absence of any record of the son in Fairfax or adjoining counties as stated before
2. The son leaving home when a young man and moving to a remote community on the frontier, his family thereby losing all trace of him up to the time of his fatherís death; that subsequently some of the other children endeavored to secure information about their brother and found that he had been dead some years, and that his son Simon by his first wife was married and had several children, and that Simon was persuaded to allow one of his children, Jerimiah, to be taken by his fatherís sister to be raised.
In the light of all present information this last supposition seems to be correct: and it will be assumed to be true until evidence is found to the contrary.
Simon Cockrell (Andrew, John, John, Thomas, John)
b Va. probably about 1746, d Case co MO, 1839
As stated before, Simonís mother died (presumably in some part of southwest Va.) when he was about three years old, leaving him and his sister Susan who was about two years older; the father remarried and moved away from the community in which they were living, and the two children were reared by neighbors. Nothing further is known of Simonís life prior to 1775.
Simonís wife, Mary Magdalene Vardamen, was the eldest of twelve children of John Vardaman and his wife Elizabeth Morgan, who moved from South Carolina to what is now Bedford co, Va soon after their marriage, probably about 1745-6. From Bedford co, they moved to settlements on the New River in 1767, and it was probably shortly before or after this that Simon and Mary were married.
Jeremiah Vardaman, the twelvth and youngest child of Maryís parents, was born July 8, 1775, about twelve miles north of old Fort Chisswell in what is now Wythe co (Augusta co to 1769, Botetourt co to 1772, Fincastle co to 1776, Montgomery co to 1790) and Simon and Mary were living in the same community (probably with her parents), as one of her children was born about the same time and as Maryís mother was very ill. Mary nursed both her own child and that of her mother.
The records of Washington co. for 1776 show that there was a "Survey made of 300 acres of land in Washington co. for Simon Cockrell by virtue of a certificate from the Commissioners of the district of Washington and Montgomery counties, lying on both sides of the Maiden Spring Fork of Clinch River, being the place where he now lives on, and beginning on the south side of the river at a double sugartree, and a line thence &c. to a corner of John Bristow: the Commissioners certify that he is entitled to 400 acres lying in Washington co. on the north side of Maiden Spring Fork including his improvement, he having proved to the Court he was entitled to the same by actual settlement made in the year 1775". Maiden Spring Fork is in what is now Tazewell co. which was created in 17?2 from parts of Russel and Wythe counties by the Virginia Assembly on a bill introduced by Simon Cockrell, who was the member from Russell co at that time.
Assignee of a land warrant by Daniel Smith for 100 acres adjoining the above tract of land: survey made Oct. 9, 1874.
Was granted as license to perform the marriage ceremony as a Baptist minister a dissenting congregation, by the Washington co Court in 1781.
Ensign, Va Militia, 1791: reported to the Governor of Va. the situation in Russell co. regarding the Indians, and recommended the placing of squads of men at certain points as a protection against the Indians.
Wrote to the Governor of Va. from Rockspring Russell co., March 27, 1793, complain of the depredations of the Indians.
Member Va. General Assembly, Russell co., 1798-9.
Deed from Simon and his wife, dated Sept 20, 1793, to Samuel Duff: land lying Indian Creek in Russell co.
Deed from Simon and his wife, dated June 28, 1798, to William Griffith: 100 acres Maiden Spring Fork of Clinch River.
Deed from Simon and his wife, dated June 26, 1798, to John Davis: 200 acres on Maiden Spring Fork of Clinch River.
Deed from Simon and his wife, dated March 5, 1803, to Rolly Stallard: 70 acres on south side of Clinch River, being his home place.
Deed from Simon and his wife, dated April 23, 1805, to Simon Cockrell Jr, 75 acres on north side of Clinch River.
Plaintiff in a suit involving land in Washington co., filed May 18, 1796.
Moved from KY to Western MO about 1818-20 and settled in what is now Clay .
Was elected to the first member of the MO state Legislature from Clay co. in
Moved from Clay co. to Cass co. MO in 1834, where he and his wife lived at home of their son, Rev William Cockrell, until their deaths within a few days of each other in the fall of 1839, both over 90 years of age.
Deed from Jeremiah Rose, dated 6 Oct 1823, recorded 21 May 1824: 80 acres of land in Clay co Mo.
Deed from Simon and his wife, dated July 21, 1834 to John Marr: above 80 acres of land in Clay co.
Issue: (If underlined, more detail listed below)
Elizabeth m Absolem Sargent: lived in Illinois
Simon b about 1770-1
Celia m William Callahan: lived in MO
Jeremiah b about 1777
Sally m Presley Davis: b 1775, was at funeral of George Washington:
lived in Coles co., IL, descendants living there now.
Daniel d in Jacksonís army in War of 1812. No known issue.
William b 1785
Moses Cockrell (Andrew, John, John, Thomas, John, Simon)
b probably about 1767, died by falling into a salt well
Was the oldest son of Simon and the only one who remained in VA
Was an ensign of Va. militia, 1793, and a noted Indian fighter, of which mention is made in the histories of Southwest Virginia.
m Mary Chadwell
issue David: was living near Cumberland Gap, Tenn up to 1861
Simon Cockrell (Andrew, John, John, Thomas, John, Simon)
b about 1770-1, d Breathitt co, KY in the fall of 1857/58. Moved from Va. to Ky. in 1809 and settled in what is now Breathitt co. (Batill co to 1839), where he lived until his death.
Was regarded as the wealthiest man in Estill and Breathitt counties, owning many slaves and cattle and large bodies of coal and timber lands.
m 1st ____
issue: Joseph, went west, issue 1 dau
m 2nd Mary (Polly) Smith, b 1784 d 1854
issue: Jeremiah Vardaman b Sept 5, 1814, d Sept 15, 1856
Moved to Platte co, MO, where he lived until his death.
m 1830-40, Louise Mayo d March 19, 1888 issue: 4 sons, 2 dau
John Miles:
Moved to Independence MO where he was killed
m ____ Stewart issue 2 sons
Paulina b 1818, d March 30, 1862
m 1841, Henry C Bohannon, moved to Texas issue: 2 sons, 1 dau
James b d Dec 11, 1860
Lived in Breathitt co, KY, was killed by a falling tree.
m 1839, Ann Allen issue: 3 sons, 6 dau
Elisha Logan b 1822 d Nov 2, 1876
Member Ky Letis, Owsley co, 1847, Judge of Estill Co Court for many years
m Rebecca Ann McMonegal issue: 3 sons, 9 dau
Harrison L
State Senator, Estill Co 1869-73: Presidental Elector 1868
m Fanny Sewell issue: 2 sons, 2 dau
McKinley b June 16, 1827 d Jan 22, 1855
Was a minister of the Christian Church, lived in Wolfe co KY
m 1847, Emily Trible issue: 1 son, 3 dau
Benjamin Franklin b 1830, lived in Breathitt co.
m Elizabeth Maxey issue 1 son
Simon lived and died in Estill co; was killed in Irvine, KY
m Nancy Vaughn issue live in Estill co
m Rev James A Daniels of the Christian Church; lived in Morgan co, KY
issue: several daus
Henry d unm.
John Cockrell (Andrew, John, John, Thomas, John, Simon)
Moved to KY and had his home on the south fork of the Kentucky River in what is now Breathitt co: was a great hunter and spent much of his time hunting and trapping on the western frontier among the Indians; was killed by the Indians on the Arkansas River in 1828.
m Va, Milly Ally
issue: John b 17?9
Moved to Ark about 1839-40: was a famous Kentucky River pilot.
m 1839, Debby Fields issue: 2 sons, probably other children
Elizabeth b about 1804, d 1865
m Adrian Hays, lived in KY issue: 4 sons, 1 dau
Sally b about 1808, d about 1863
m Richard South, lived in KY issue: 3 sons, 2 dau
Mary Magdeline (nicknamed Kitty) b 1811 d May 6, 1873
m Col. Jeremiah Weldon South, who was prominent in Kentucky politics and affairs for many years
issue: 9 sons, 6 dau
Jeremiah Cockrell (Andrew, John, John, Thomas, John, Simon)
Spent most of his boyhood with a great-aunt who lived in Fairfax co, where he lived until his death.
b about 1777 d about 1869
m 1st Sally Sewards
issue: Simon
Moved to Ark. and from there to Texas where he died
Thomas b 1810 d 1885, spelled his name Cottrell
m 1st ____ Frailey issue: 11 children, descendants live in Ark.
m 2nd, Martha Emeline Weldon: d 1911 issue: 2 sons, 6 dau
m 3rd, Julia Ann White
issue: Gerilda, m ____ Howard, no issue
Joseph Cockrell (Andrew, John, John, Thomas, John, Simon)
Moved from Va to KY with his father about 1805. afterwards moved to what is now Perry co, KY.
Member of Capt. Saml. R. Combs Co., Col. Richard M Johnsonís Regt, Ky mounted mf War of 1812
Moved from KY to what is now Johnson co, MO in 1831 and lived there until his death Nov 3, 1837.
Was the first sheriff of Johnson co after itís organization in 1834.
m 1st____
Simon, b March, 1801 d about 1900 Tex, unm
m 2nd ____
Alexander b June 18, 1818 d April 3, 1858
Moved from KY to MO with his father in 1831: moved to Indian Ty.in 1832, living and fighting among the Indians: from there moved to Texas: was a courier in the Mexican War. at close of war settled in Dallas co., Tex. where he lived until his death.
m 1847 Sarah Horton issue: 4 sons, 1 dau
m 3rd, 1819-20, Nancy Ellis, b 1803 d 1881
Nancy b Oct 1820 d Nov 11, 1848
m 1836, Preston Logan issue: 4 sons
Polly b Oct 1822 d Aug 1897
m Reuben Fulkerson: lived in Johnson co., MO issue: 4 dau
Mary b May 30, 1825 d Feb 8, 1906
m 1st 1840, Samuel Montgomery Hays issue: 3 dau
m 2nd 1855, Moses Tapscott issue: 3 sons, 2 dau
Louisa b 1828 d 1838
Sally b March 1830 d Jan 24 1908
m 1st Dr. ___ Harris, no issue
m 2nd ____ McFarlane, issue 1 son, 1 dau
Jeremiah Vardaman b May7, 1832 d March 18, 1915
Colonel, Mo. Caval. C.S.A.
Moved to Taylor co, Texas, after Civil War and lived there until his death:
was Circuit Judge of western for some years: member of Congress from Texas, 1890-4
m April 7, 1852, Jane Douglas issue: 2 sons, 3 dau
Francis Marion b Oct 1, 1834 lives in Washington DC
Brigadier General, MO Inf, C.S.A.
US Senator from MO, 1875-1905:
member US Interstate Commerce Commission, 1905-11
at present, member US Board of Fortifications.
m 1st July 21, 1853, Arthusa Dorcas Stapp, d Dec 6, 1859, issue: 3 sons (1 living)
m 2nd April 26, 1866, Anna Eliza Mann, d Aug 11, 1871, no issue
m 3rd July 23, 1873, Anna Ewing (dau of late Judge Ephriam B Ewing of the MO Supreme Court), d Jan 6, 1894
issue: 5 sons, 2 dau (all living except one son)
Joseph b 1837 d 1838
WilliamCockrell (Andrew, John, John, Thomas, John, Simon)
b Va 1785 d Wolfe co, KY 1862
Moved from Va. to Ky. with his parents about 1805, and from there to Mo about 1828, settling first in Jackson co and afterwards moving to Cass co. His parents died at his home in Cass co. in the fall of 1839. After the death of his lst wife he moved back to Ky. and lived in Breathitt and Wolfe counties until his death. Was a Baptist minister and also taught school.
m 1st 1812, Nancy Wright b Culpepper co, VA 1789
issue: Felix Grundy b Jan 1, 1813
m1832, Elizabeth Craig
issue: 8 sons, 1 dau (the youngest was Felix C. Cockrell Jr. decíd and attorney of East St. Louis, Ill, who in 1890 published a pamphlet on the Cockrell family.)
Martin b 13 Sep 1814 d Aug 1835, unm
John Wesley b 22 Mar 1816 d 18 Oct 1885
moved from MO to Dallas co. TX in 1845, where he lived until his death.
m 1836-7 Sallis Wilson, issue: 4 sons, 3 dau
Shelton b 13 Mar 1817 d in MO
Elizabeth b 27 Jan 1819
m William Davis: lived in Breathitt co, KY, issue: 3 dau
Claiborn b 20 Jan 1821 d 1849 on road to California
Dulcena b 11 Jan 1824
m ___ Davenport; lived near Springfield MO
Julia Ann b 26 1826 d in MO
m ___ Bolen
William b 9 Mar 1829, lived for some years in Choctaw Nation, Indian TY
m ___ issue 2 sons, 2 dau
Nancy b 31 March 1832
m ___ Dickinson
m 2nd ___ Mc Quinn, Breathitt co, KY. No issue
James Cockrell: (Andrew, John, John, Thomas, John, Simon)
b about 1787 VA d 1845, Johnson co, MO
Moved from Va to KY with his parents about 1805, and from there to Howard co, MO; was a member of Capt. Marshall Cooperís Company, Howard co. troops, April 1812. Moved to Johnson co, MO in 1833. After death of his first wife he went west and lived among the Indians for several years, afterwards returning to Johnson co, MO where he lived until his death.
m 1st ___ Turner
issue: Elizabeth
m Greenville Crisp; lived in Johnson co and Jackson co, MO
issue: 5 sons, 4 dau
Lydia d on road to Oregon
m John Edmonson, issue: 2 dau
m 2nd Nancy___
issue: Maria
m James Longacre, left issue
m Charles Hood; lived in Okla. left issue
Morgan Cockrell (Andrew, John, John, Thomas, John, Simon)
Moved from VA to KY with his parents about 1805, and from there to Johnson co MO in 1833, where he lived until his death
m ___
issue: Nanch
m Burksdale, West; lived in Johnson co, MO issue: 2 sons and others
Alexander b about 1833 d near Lawrence, Kan
m and left issue
William: was a Union militiaman and was killed during the Civil War
m ___ Stevens, no issue
2 other daughters
Alexander Cockrell (Andrew, John, John, Thomas, John, Simon)
Moved from KY to IL soon after his marriage and from there to Cass co, MO in 1829; subsequently moved to Potawatomie co, Kas, where he lived until his death about 1855.
m Sarah Helms
issue: 1 Mordica b twin d Riley, Kansas
2 Moses b twin d Washington
3 George b d Okla
4 Felix b d Wilson co, Kas
5 Celia Ann b d Louisburg, Kas
6 Elizabeth b d Manhattan, Kas
7 Simon Boliver b Oct 1831 d 24 Oct 1899
m Margaret Jane Mann; issue: 4 sons, 7 dau
8 Thomas b Lives in Riley, Kas
9 Julia b " " "
10 Marion Francis d Cass co, MO
The known descendants of Simon Cockrell and his wife Mary Magadaline Varadaman through their nine sons who had issue are as follows:
There were 60 known grandchildren, of whom 7-8 are known to have died without issue and of whom 25 probably left issue, but nothing definite is known as to the number. From the remaining 28 grandchildren there were 172 great-grandchildren known.
John Cockrill (Andrew, John, John, Thomas, John) (or, John)
NOTE: from L.Fogarty: This line has been traced to another emigrant lineage, as found in the book "Notable Southern Families", compiled by Zella Armstrong (father was John Cockrill, a 1740 emigrant)
See that reference for family lines, Vol 3, page 21.
b probably in SW VA, 19 Dec 1757 d 11 Apr 1837, Nashville, Tenn
His father died not long after Johnís birth, and his mother subsequently married ____ Kells
By a former marriage to David Collingsworth, his mother had two sons, Ec?gund and Simon Collingsworth.
The following is from a statement or memoir written by John in his later life:
"In the spring of 1774, my father and also step-father both being dead, my mother bound me out to learn the blacksmith trade and gunmakers trade. I served about five years, during which time I was drafted twice to go against the Cherokee Indians who had attacked the fort on the Holstein, serving under General Mcintosh.
"In the fall of 1779, we got ready and left VA and went to Wautauga, and there made boats and left there Dec 2, 1779, and went down the Holstein and Tenn rivers and up the Cumberland, with the women and children under Capt. John Donelson, and arrived at French Lick (Nashville) May 24, 1780. The men drove the stock overland and got there Dec 25, 1779 and crossed the ice."
Was engaged in all the fights against the Indians during their attacks on the colony and was severely wounded several times.
For his service in the revolutionary War he was granted several tracts of land by the North Carolina Legislature in Davidson co (now Tennessee), among them the "Cockrell Spring Tract, embracing the ground of the late Centennial Exposition in Nashville, on which tract he lived until the death of his wife in 1821. He then moved to Nashville where he lived until his death.
m Mrs. Ann Robertson Johnston, fall of 1780, in Robertsonís Fort, sister of General James Robertson She was b 10 Feb 1757, Wake co, NC d 15 Oct 1821, Davidson co, TN
issue: John b 8 Jul 1781 d 12 Aug 1841
Ann b 1 Feb 1783 d 16 Aug 1833
Sterling Robertson b 7 Mar 1785 d unm
James b 28 Jan 1787
Mark Robertson b 2 Dec 1788 d 27 Jun 1872
Susannah b 2 Sep 1790
m Ephraim Beasley, moved to MO; prob had issue
Sarah b 15 May 1794
m Thomas Bourland, moved to Vicksburg, Miss; had issue
Martha Anne Robertson b 5 Nov 1800 d 27 May 1844
John Cockrill (Andrew, John, John, Thomas, John, John)
b 8 Jul 1781, in Robertsonís Fort, Tenn d 12 Aug 1841, near Tuscumbia, Ala
m 1st Mrs. Elizabeth Ribb Underwood, d 1824
issue: Sterling Robertson b 1804 d 18 Jul 1891
m Ann Henrietta McDonald; issue ? sons, 5 dau
Eliza Minerva b 7 Apr 1806 d 7 Jun 1835
m 1826 Robert Blackwell Malone; issue 4 sons, 3 dau
lived in Ala
Washington Jefferson b 1808 d 1833
m Mary LcLinn, 1833; no issue
Granville Laforce b 1809 d 23 Sep 1846
m 1835 Maria Louisa Turner
issue: 4 sons, 2 dau (a grandson, Granville Goodloe of Akradelphi, Arkansas, was the author of a genealogy of this branch of the family, published by the American Historical Magazine, Nashville, Tenn, Oct 1898)
Alfred Madison b 1812; killed in youth by a falling tree
Tennessee Virginia b 12 Jan 1815 d April 1896
m 1832 John D Newell ; issue 1 son, 4 dau
Valeria Veturia b 30 Sep
John Pike b 1819 d Jan 18?0, unm
Elizabeth Bibb b d young
m 2nd Mrs Harriet Rowe Hawkins; no issue
m 3rd Mrs Mary Hill Rurruss Butler; no issue
Ann Cockrill (Andrew, John, John, Thomas, John, John)
b 1 Feb 1783 d 16 Aug 1833, Saline co. MO
m about 1795-6, Drury Pulliam
issue: Eliza Cheeves b 24 Aug 1797 d 9 Mar 1851
m Thomas Schacokford; lived in MO; issue 6 sons, 4 dau
Ann Robertson b 8 Mar 1801 d in infancy
Ann Robertson b 10 Aug 1802 d 1856
m John Wilson; issue 6 sons, 4 dau
Sarah b 3 Jun 1804
Martha Colemann b 4 Jun 1806 d 1879
m 1826, Peyton Nowlin; issue 1 son 4(?) dau
John Cockrill b 21 Jan 1808 d 11 Feb 1887
m Catharine Chambers; issue 4 sons, 3 dau
Sarah Belinda b 11 Jun 1810
m James Reed, no issue
Mary Jane b 12 Apr 1812 d 3 Feb 1845
m George Thompson; issue 2 dau
Benjamin Graves b 31 Dec 1814
m ___ M/Head
Elijah Robertson b 3 Apr 1816 d 17 Nov 1842
Luther Rice b 15 Jan 1818 d no issue
Mark Robertson Cockrill b 8 Feb 1820 d 28 Jun 1884, unm
Caroline Tennessee b 6 Nov 1824 d April 1860
m Rev T.A. Savage
m 1839, Eliza Jane Turner
issue 1 son 2 dau
James Cockrill (Andrew, John, John, Thomas, John, John)
b 28 Jan 1787, Davidson co, TN d west Tenn
m 1st Sarah Applewhite Jones, 1809
William Goodloe b 10 Dec 1810 d 23 Dec 1886
m 1st 1835, Sarah Louis Cholson, d 1849; issue 2 sons 3 dau
m 2nd 1856, Amanda Parale McMillen d 1876; issue 5 sons 2 dau
Edward Iredell b Oct 1811 d Jan 1872
m 1832, Josephine Young; issue 4 sons, 2 dau
Mark said to have married and died in Miss.
Rufus Sterling said to have lived unm in San Francisco
Martha M b d Madison co, Tenn
Louise Caroline b d Dec 1881
m 1st John Sutton issue: 2 sons, 1 dau
m 2nd 1839, James R Terry issue: 1 dau
Mary Ann Eliza b
m Arthur McCain
John Robertson b d TX unm
m 2nd Saliie Melinda Young
Sally Young b d 1888
m Charles Henry Hill; issue: 2 sons, 1 dau
James Harvey b
m Martha Haynie; issue: 1 son, 2 dau
Julia b d young
Mark Robertson Cockrill (Andrew, John, John, Thomas, John, John)
b 2 Dec 1788 d 27 Jun 1871, near Nashville, Tenn
m 1822, Susan Collingsworth , b 1798, d 1871
issue: Julia Ann b 8 Nov 1823 d 21 Apr 1865
m 1854, Edward Cheatham, no issue
Almira Jane b 29 Jan 1825 d
m William Evans Watikins; issue: 2 sons, 2 dau
George Washington b 27 Sep 1826 d young
Alexander Hamilton b d in infancy
Alexander Hamilton b d " "
Benjamin Franklin b 1 Nov 1832
m 1877, Sallie C Foster; issue: 1 son, 7 dau
James Robertson b 24 Jul 1833
m Mary Elizabeth Cockrill (gr dau of his uncle John); issue: 3 sons, 3 dau
Daniel Webster b 12 Jan 1836 d 4 Nov 1854
Mark Sterling b 29 May 1838
m 1865, Mary Hill Goodloe; issue: 3 sons, 3 dau
Henrietta Augusta b 29 Dec 1839
m 1865, Albert Gallatin Ewing; issue: 5 sons, 6 dau
Martha Ann Robertson Cockrill (Andrew, John, John, Thomas, John, John)
b 5 Nov 1800 d 27 May 1844
m 1st 1816, Alexander W Jones
issue: Algernon Sidney b 1 Nov 1817 d no issue
m 2nd 1821, Robert C Thompson
issue: Robert Emmet b 27 Oct 1822 d 1893
m 1843, Mary Elizabeth Tolliver; issue: 3 sons, 1 dau
John Cockrill b 22 Aug 1824 d 20 Oct 1890
Mary Belle Catharine b 5 Jun 1828 d 4 Jun 1846
The following entries indicate the possibility of a Cottrell family in Virginia entirely distinct from the Cockrell family herein dealt with:
Edward Cotterell
Land patent to Lieut. John Cheeseman, Nov 21, 1635, due for transportation of 12 persons to the Colony of Va, among them Edward Cotterell.
William Cottrell
Member of Middlesex co, Militia, July 10, 1676.
m Rose Hollyday, Christ Church Parish, Middlesex co, 2 Feb 12, 1678
d St. Peterís Parish, New Kent co, 13 Feb, 1725,6.
Richard Cotterell St. Peterís Parish, New Kent co.
and Mary his wife:
son Thomas baptized 11 Oct 1869
son Richard baptized 17 Dec 1710 d 13 Oct 1715
son Charles baptized 27 Dec 1713
d 16 Mar 1715
Thomas Cotterell St. Peterís Parish, New Kent co.
son Gilbert baptized 1 Mar 1712: 25 Oct 1724
dau Anne, baptized 31 Mar 1716
Charles Cottrell patented 123 acres of land, Goochland co, 28 Aug 1758
Charles Cottrel living in Nansemond co, 1784, 4 in family
Thomas Cotrell corpríal, Albermarle co Militia, Sept 1758
Susannah Coctrell, and Howard Cash, exrs of Thoms Cottrell, decíd
patented 700 acres of land Amherst co, 30 Aug 1756/8
James Cotril living in Amherst co, 1783; 7 in family
John Cotril soldier under Capt. John Smith, August co, Oct 1765.
John Cottrall: granted leave to keep an ordinary in New London, Bedefre co, 25 Jul 1780
deed dated 22nd September 1763, Bedford co furnished various supplies to the Rockbridge Militia, proved to Bedford co Court, June 28, 1784.
John Cottrill Private, Va. line, Rev War, placed on pension roll, 11 Feb 1825: age 71 yrs Harrison co
Thomas Coteral Private Va. militia, placed on pension roll, 5 Sep 1833 age 72 yrs, Lewis co
Thomas Cottrell Bedford co will dated 9 Oct 1835, proved 24 Nov 1835
quite a number of the Cottrell family at present live in Bedford co.
Edward Cockrill
a weaver of Chowan precinct: on jury 14 Aug 1722
disappeared, leaving wife Mary and several small children
William Cockrill
on jury Chowan precinct, 1723, patent to land 1724
No further information is available concerning either the above Edward or William, nor of any else of the Cockrell name in North Carolina from 1724 to 1782. This gap of about 50 years tends to negative to the supposition that those mentioned below were descended from either of the above.
The tradition handed down among the Nash co descendants is that the first settlers of the family in NC came from VA, and because of the lack of any earlier records in NC, it will be assumed the four mentioned hereafter, Thomas, William, Jacob, and John, all came from VA. From the size of their families, reported in the Census of 1790, it is likely that all four born during the periods of 1740-55.
Associated in the traditions of the family of Jacob mentioned below, are the names of Moses, Jeremiah, David, Jonathan, and Nathan, among which the names of Moses, Jeremiah, and Nathan are found in South Carolina during the same period (during and immediately after the Rev War).
Until additional information can be secured, further conjecture regarding the origin of either the North Carolina or South Carolina families is hardly worth while.
Thomas Cockrell
Grants of 100, 200, and 400 acres of land, Johnston co, 21 Oct 1782.
Living in Johnston co, 1790,
family consisting of 3 males 16 and over, 4 males under 16, and 5 females.
Appraisement of personal property of his estate, 26 Mar 1799.
Division of estate among his children, May 1800.
m. ____
issue: Samuel Cockrell will dated 10 Dec 1810 proved Feb 1811,
m 17 Jan 1797, Martha (Patty) Hatcher
issue: WilliamX
m 1 Mar 1802, Themy Bagley
m 21 Mar 1803, Dicey Garner
____ (dau)
m prior to 1800, Willis Garner
Stephen will dated 14 Mar 1816, proved Johnston co,
m 23 Dec 1807, Anne Watson
issue: Anne, others
Stella (Sela)
It is likely that Thomasí wife and two of his sons died subsequent to the Census of 1790 and prior to the division of his estate in 1800.
Other Johnston co NC records are as follows:
John Cockrell Granted land 4 Dec 1815 (probably son of Thomas, above)
Thomas Cockerell
m 1 Jan 1825, Patty Garner
Jonathan Cockarell
m 26 Apr 1836, Willis Greech
Ruffin Cockrell
m 9 Dec 1843, Sylva Watson
m 1 Jan 1849, Willey Sullivant
William Cockrell
Living in Halifax District, Nash co, 1790:
family consisting of 1 adult male, 5 males under 16, 5 females
Granted land in Rockingham co
No other information is at hand concerning William.
Jacob Cockrell
Grants of 100 and 250 acres of land. Nash co, Nov 1 & 6, 1764.
Living in Halifax District, Nash co, 1790:
family consisting of 1 adult male, 2 males under 16, 2 females
Will dated 22 Aug 1792, proved Nov 1792: witnesses, John Cockrell and John Vick
m Penelope ____ (she serviced Jacob)
issue: Jonathan b about 1775-80 d 4 Sep 1865
Nathan b about 1782-5
Celia b
William Haywood b probably about 1790-2
a great grandson John Cockrell lives at Montpelier, Miss
Jonathan Cockrell (Jacob)
b Nash co NC about 1775-80 d Greene co, Ala, 4 Sep 1865
moved to Greene co, Ala some time after 1818.
m ____
issue: Nathan
m Tempy Ann Horn, issue: 3 sons, 2 dau
m Samuel T Lofton; issue: numerous, 2 sons, 1 dau living
m ___ Jones; issue: 1 son, 1 dau
Hilsmen b 20 Sep 1812 d 9 Feb 1882
m 1st Louisa Horn d 1867; issue: 6 sons, 1 dau
m 2nd 1873, Amelia Elizabeth Stephens; issue: 2 sons, 3 dau
Nathan Cockrell (Jacob)
b Nash co NC about 1782-5 d Greene co, Ala, May 1832
Moved to Greene co, Ala in March 1818, and lived there until his death.
m 1806-8, Nancy Williams d 1838
issue: Dempsey b 2 Jan 1809 d Apr 1886
Lived in Sumter co, Ala
m 1832, Millicent Thomas Carpenter issue: 7 sons, 2 dau
(a grandson, A.W. Cockrell, Jr, Atty, of Jacksonville, Fla, is interested in the family history)
Jacob b 22 Mar 1811 d 20 Jul 1856
m 1841, Sarah A Carpenter (sister of Millicent, above); issue: 1 son, 4 dau
Susan b 8 Aug 1813
Emerson b 25 Apr 1816 d unm
William J b 24 Jan 1819
m 1st Millicent Grice; issue: 2 dau
m 2nd ____; issue 1 dau
Samuel Williams b 4 Jan 1822
m Virginia Davis; issue: 4 sons, 1 dau
Nathan b 7 Jan 1826
Lived in Marengo co, Ala
m Josephine Edding; issue 4 sons, 3 dau
Katherine b d Sep 1849
m 1848, Nathan H Carpenter (bro of Millicent and Sarah, above); issue: 1 dau
Macklin b 29 Jan 1831 d 6 Oct 1887
m Pamelia Coleman; issue 1 son, 1 dau
The numerous descendants of Nathan live principally in Alabama, though a number are living in Texas and some in Florida. The information at hand concerning his descendants was furnished by Augustus William Cockrell Jr., Atty, of Jacksonville, Fla (Jacob, Nathan, Dempsey, August, William)
John Cockrell: Nash co, NC
Granted 640 acres of land, Nash co, 1783.
Living in Nash co, 1790:
family consisting of 1 adult male, 2 males under 16, 2 females
Deed from Jordan and Jenny Sherrod, 1800.
Will dated 20 Mar 1809, proved Aug 1809; exr: John Vick
issue: Joseph Cockrell, lived in Nash co, NC
m ____; issue:
Elisha H b 5 Apr 1811
m 1st Sallie Vick; issue: 4 sons, 3 dau, descendants living principally in Nash co NC
m 2nd Charity Batchelor; issue 3 sons, 1 dau
John Cockrell moved to Ala
Samuel Vincent moved to Ala
Archibald moved to Ala, and afterwards, to Texas
According to tradition, the South Carolina branch or branches came either from North Carolina or from Virginia. The identity of certain names tends to show a close relationship to the Nash co, NC branch, but no other data is available on which to base conjecture.
Isaac Cockrill private, 3rd SC Regt. Rev War, enlisted 1 Aug 1778
William Cockrell
private 5th S.C. Regt., Rev War enlisted 15 Mar 1776
" 3rd " " " " 1 Jul 1777
grant of land from state, 28 Mar 1778, on account of Rev service.
Living in Camden district, Chester district, Chester co, 1790:
family, 1 adult male, 2 females
2 grants of land one Sandy River, Camden District 5 Jun 1792.
Placed on pension roll 5 Mar 1819, age 77 years.
John Cockrell
living in Camden district, Chester co, 1790:
family consisted of 2 males 16 and over, 2 males under 16, 3 females
Thomas Cockrell
living in Camden district, Chester co, 1790:
family consisted of 1 adult male, 3 females
Henry Cotrill
living in Camden district, Chester co, 1790:
family consisted of 1 adult male, 4 males 16 under 16, 2 females
Thomas Cockrell
living in Camden district, Fairfield co, 1790:
family consisted of 1 adult male, 1 male under 16, 2 females
Moses Cockrell
2 grants of land on Watereo, Camden District, 1754, described as being on "Cockerillís Spring Branch".
Two of the same name living in Camden district, Fairfield co, 1790:
family of one consisting of 1 adult male, 3 males under 16, 5 females
the family of the other consisting of 1 adult male, 2 males under 16, 3 females
Contiguous owner of land granted to Jeremiah Cockrell in 1790
Nathan Cockrell
Contiguous owner of land granted to Jeremiah Cockrell on Watereo Creek, Fairfield District,
9 Nov 1801.
Jeremiah Cockrell
S.C. Militia, Rev War
living in Camden district, Fairfield co, 1790:
family consisted of 1 adult male, 1 male under 16, 1 female
Granted land on Watereo, Camden Dist., 13 Sep 1790: "Moses Cockrell contiguous granted land on east side of Broad River, York co, Pickeny District, 20 Jan 1797.
Granted land on Watereo Creek, Fairfield District, 9 Nov 1801. "Nathan Cockrell contiguous owner"
m Elizabeth Rhoden Davis
issue:1. John Cockrell, moved to Red River, La, about 1845 d in Texas
m ____; issue:
m Anne Tipton (dau of his aunt Mary Cockrell) of Mt Sterling KY
2. Thomas Cockrell b d young
3. Peter Cockrell, MD, moved to Indiana, left no issue
4. Simon Cockrell, moved to Miss
5. Jemima Cockrell
m ___ Holmes of Monticello, SC
6. Elizabeth d Mt Sterling, KY
m ___ Splawn: issue:
William Moved to Mexico, MO
Jeremiah d cholera, 1833
7. Jeremiah b 11 Feb 1802 d 16 Jan 1861, White Oak, SC
m Eliza ___, d during Civil War
issue: Jeremah d unm
Mamie b 1849
m ___ Smiley of Ark, left issue
m ___ Satterfield. Moved to MO, and then to Ark.
m ___ Shouse; issue: 1 son
Sallie b 25 Apr 1857 d 12 Jun 1859
8. William b 11 Feb 1802 d April 1862, twin to Jeremiah
Moved to Montgomery co, KY about 1828, where he lived until his death.
m Sarah Spratt: issue:
Jeremiah b 1827 d 1908
m ___ Vichers; issue 2 dau
Polly b 1830 d 1840
William Andrew b Nov 1833 d Nov 1903
m Mary Smith; issue: 2 sons, 1 dau
Benjamin Franklin b 14 Jun 1836 d 22 Jun 1914
member of KY State Senate 1891-5
m 1st 1858 Junietta Oldham d 1875; issue 3 sons
m 2nd 1882 Anne M Calmes No issue
George Burton b 10 Dec 1836 lives Cumberland Gap, Tenn
m 1st, 1857, Sarah Anbin Russell; issue: 4 sons, 2 dau
m 2nd, 1904, Ruth Salyers No issue
Peter Moffitt b 1840 d 1910, Colorado
m Julia Anderson; issue: 1 son, 2 dau
Henry Clay b d infancy
Joseph Hardy b d "
9. Davis b d 1875, Memphis Tenn
m ___ Cockrell (dau of his uncle Benjamin)
m S.C. ____ Barber: issue:
Jeremiah b 1833 d Memphis, Tenn
m ____ Cockrell (dau of his uncle Benjamin) ed note: repeat of above
Thomas b 1837 d about 1873
m Sally Tipton
Richard b 1837 d about 1873 ed note: also a repeat
m Margaret Stark; no issue.
10. Mary
m John P. Tipton of Mt. Sterling, KY; issue;
m John Cockrell (Son of her Uncle John)
11. James Moved to Ala
12. Benjamin
m ____; issue:
Benjamin moved to VA
Jeremiah "
Jefferson "
m ___ Day
Maria d Aug 1910
m James DeLoache of Camden S.C.
George d probably without issue
m 1st ___ Martin
m 2nd ___ Elliott
Sally d unm
According to Jeremiahís grand-daughter, Mrs. Maria Cockrell DeLoache of Camden, S.C. (d 1910), he enlisted in the Revolutionary War as a private in Capt Enid Martinís Co., Col. Minoís Regt.
In all branches of the North Carolina and South Carolina families, the surname is spelt "Cockrell" without exception.
May 22, 1915 F. N. Cockrell, Jr.
NOTE: from Linda Davies Fogarty: This is my family. NU Co is Northumberland County, Virginia.
The children of Littleton Cockrell with his 1st wife, Winnifred Harcum (m abt 1780), were:
1. Hetty Cockrell
2. James Cockrell b. abt 1786
3. Edward Cockrell
4. Patsey (Pinney) Cockrell
m Matthew Hudson m 1815
issue: John Hudson
m Mary Owens
Margaret Hudson
m Robert Moon
The children of Littleton with his 2nd wife, Mollie Trasce (m 5 Aug 1793), are as follows:
1. Leven Cockrell
2. Lyttleton Cockrell b 20 Mar 1802 NU Co, VA
3. John Cockrell b abt 1804 NU Co, VA
4. Sally Cockrell b abt 1806
5. Thomas Cockrell b avt 1808 NU Co, VA d 1856
m Hannah Blundon Ball
6. Robert Cockrell b avt 1810 NU Co, VA
7. Rebecca Cockrell
m Valentine Harcum
The children of Lyttleton Cockrell are as follows:
1. John Cockrel, b. 22 Jan 1826 NU Co, VA d 26 Nov 1915 Montgomery Co, MO.
m Mary Lacy 9 Aug 1849 b 1827 d 1851
m Louisa Magruder 16 Mar 1853
m Lois Himes 10 Mar 1881
2. James Cockrell b 11 Feb 1828 NU Co, VA d 3 Jul 1903
m Rebecca Gantry abt 1856
m Mary Hobson 9 Mar 1880 b 22 Dec 1848 d 14 Sep 1900
3. Elizabeth Cockrell, b 16 Dec 1830 NU Co, VA d 16 Nov 1909 Mt Moriah, MO
m Joseph Webb 26 Feb 1856 Harrison co, MO
4. Sarah Ann Cockrell b 21 Aug 1830 d 11 Jan 1885 Fayette Co, IA
m Lorin Martin Stranahan 6 Mar 1856, St Charles, MO b 13Jul1831 d 19Apr1919
1. William Lyttleton Stranahan b 9 Dec 1856 Fayette Co, IA d 27 May 1892 Harper KA
m Emily Moore 24 Nov 1880 b 20 Nov 1861
issue: 3 daughters, 2 sons
2. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Stranahan b 30 May 1858 (Fayette Co, IA) d 12 Feb 1924 Fayette Co, IA
m William B Stevenson 25 Mar 1878 b 20 May 1853 Sandusky Co, OH
issue: 1 daughter, 1 son
3. Nellie Stranahan b 20 Oct 1861 Fayette Co, IA d 9 Mar 1944 Pasadena, CA
m Winfield S Moine 25 Dec 1890 Fayette Co, IA
issue: 1 daughter
4. Thomas Stranahan b 17 Mar 1865 d 20 Mar 1865
5. Joseph Stranahan b 17 Mar 1865 d 20 Mar 1865
6. Loren Seymore Stranahan b 30 May 1867 d 25 Oct 1888
7. Frank Elmore Stranahan b 30 May 1867 Fayette Co, IA d 25 Oct 1888 Fayette Co, IA
m Lida Mitchell Bogert 8 Jun 1897
issue: 2 daughters, 1 son
8. Warren Albert Stranahan b 6 Jan 1873 Fayette Co, IA d 15 Oct 1963 (Chandler, AZ)
m 1 Ada Mae Homewood 21 Feb 1894 b 13 Sep 1871 Fayette Co, IA, d 19 Dec 1936
Bessie Ann Stranahan b 27 Nov 1897 d 25 Oct 1949 Iowa City, IA
m Aubrey Zentz 11 Jan 1914 Adair Co, MO
issue: 1 son
Willard Warren Stranahan b 4 Sep 1899 d 7 Mar 1972 Lexington IL
m Rose L Curran 11 Dec 1927
Blanche Mae Stanahan b 28 Apr 1901 Fayette Co, IA
m (Guy) Sheldon Chittendon 14 Mar 1923
issue: 3 daughters
Edith Stanahan b 15 Dec 1902 d 19 Dec 1903 Fayette Co, IA
(Lorin) Howard Stranahan b 2 Oct 1906 d 22 Jul 1981 Fayette Co, IA
m Helen Humphrey 27 Feb 1936
Esto Glenn Stranahan b 14 Jan 1910 d 29 Mar 1968 Iowa City, IA
m John Leonard Davies 24 Jun 1931 b 5 Sep 1908 Salford, England d 5 Jan 1981
issue: 3 daughters, 1 son
m 2 Florence C Davis 27 Aug 1940
5. Littleton Cockrell III b 13 Feb 1836 NU Co, VA d 24 Sep 1902 Melville, VA
m Agnes Burgess Harcum 10 Mar 1858 b 3 Aug 1837 d 25 Jun 1915
issue: 2 daughters, 2 sons
6. Thomas Cockrell b 15 Sep 1839 d 3 May 1863 Battle of Chancellorsville, PA
7. William Edward Cockrell b 6 Jun 1847 St Charles Co, MO d 28Jan 1902 Princeton, MO
m Maria Ellen Pritchard 11 Nov 1875
issue: 1 daughter, 4 sons

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